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Company LOGO
Shenghong logo by the Chinese auspicious pattern Ruyi, auspicious clouds, Chinese knots, auspicious dragons and other elements evolved, double disc long arrangement, conveying the millennium rainbow of the world of corporate vision.

Corporate Identity

The millennium refers to Shenghong's inheritance of the thousand-year-old civilization of Chinese silk, carrying the excellent cultural and historical traditions of the silk capital, and creating the glory of the enterprise with printing and dyeing; Hongyang World refers to Shenghong Group like a beautiful rainbow colorful, wonderful display in the world.

The slogan shows the infinite extension of the development trend of Shenghong Group from the two aspects of time and space, contains the beautiful vision of the enterprise to build an evergreen foundation and advance into the international market, and embodies the firm and persistent entrepreneurial concept of Shenghong Group, the broad and profound connotation quality, the simple style of honesty and pragmatism, the grand bearing of lofty aspirations, and the spirit of the times of pioneering and innovative, which is the inevitable choice of scientific development and a solid foundation for a hundred years of glory. On the one hand, the logo slogan is a high affirmation of the entrepreneurial achievements of Shenghong Group over the years, and on the other hand, it puts forward new requirements for the mission of the times shouldered by Shenghong Group.

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