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Sheng Hong established a party branch in 1994, upgraded to the general party branch in 2000, and upgraded to a party committee in 2004.
At present, there is 1 general party branch, 12 party branches and more than 450 party members in Suzhou, of which there are 24 party members in the innovation center branch, and 15 people have a master's degree or above, which is the party branch with the highest education in Suzhou. In addition, there is a Shenghong Petrochemical Party Committee in Lianyungang, which has 1 directly subordinate party committee, 4 general party branches, 5 directly affiliated party branches and 41 grassroots party branches, with a total of more than 1,300 party members. In Suqian, there are Shenghong New Materials (Suqian) Party Committee, 2 directly affiliated party branches, and a total of more than 100 party members.

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