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The only one in the industry “ Shenghong intelligent printing and dyeing industry internet platform was selected as the national level list
At present, the textile industry is in a period of transition and upgrading. In the slow recovery of global economy, increasingly fierce international competition, and the polarization of industrial profit distribution is becoming increasingly serious, small and medium-sized enterprises urgently need to find new transformation outlet. Meanwhile, the Internet has been able to many traditional industries, and the new ecology of "textile + Internet" will become a major trend of the industry.

Recently, the Ministry of industry and information technology announced the "pilot demonstration project of manufacturing industry and Internet development in 2020". The "Shenghong intelligent printing and dyeing industry internet platform" created by Shenghong Group Co., Ltd. has been rated as the national characteristic professional industrial Internet platform, and has become the only pilot demonstration project in the textile printing and dyeing industry in China.

The only national "industrial Internet platform" built by Shenghong group takes the lead. Through the three-layer construction of IAAs, PAAS and SAAS and the development and promotion of platform functions, the big data analysis and integration of the whole industrial chain of textile printing and dyeing is realized. At present, nearly 2000 enterprises have settled in the platform, leading the textile industry in Wujiang and Yangtze River Delta region to a "digital transformation".

Nearly 200 enterprises users have tasted sweetness of cost reduction and efficiency improvement
As the first enterprise user of "smart platform", Wang Xing, the production manager of a textile Co., Ltd. in Kunshan, has felt the real change. He told reporters that previous orders need to be followed up by special personnel. This mode has lasted for many years. The time cost and management cost have been increased year by year, and the market response speed is more and more restricted.

"Now we only need to pass the mobile terminal of mobile phone, and we can check the status of my order, when to ship and logistics to which link. The most important thing is that we can master these information anytime and anywhere without sending someone to follow the order in the factory, and the efficiency has been improved a lot." Wang Xing said.

Another textile company general manager Hua Wenfang (alias) Considering the cost, the feeling is more obvious“ For trade, after the order quantity reaches a certain extent, there is a certain error in cost accounting. Since joining Shenghong platform, our cost accounting data have been accurately online statistics. The human cost and management cost such as documentary and financial are greatly reduced, and the comprehensive cost has been reduced. " The reporter learned that the textile enterprise has realized ERP system docking with Shenghong in the second half of last year and entered the supply chain sharing service platform. After entering the supply chain sharing service platform, the processing application, production progress, product delivery and financial reconciliation of the company can be directly mastered in the data system, greatly improving the business benefits of the enterprise.

After two years of promotion and operation, the "smart platform" has breaking the "information island" mode between traditional traders and dyeing plants. The platform integrates all functions of technical parameters, standards and processes of each system by using Internet, big data and intelligent equipment, and realizes the digitalization of production, system integration, equipment interconnection, process information, management intensive, process synchronization and monitoring dynamic, so as to ensure the high-speed and stable operation of the supply chain.

Wang pingxun, manager of Shenghong printing and dyeing information department, introduced that at present, the "Shenghong intelligent printing and dyeing industry internet platform" can realize the whole process automation, information and quality control of the process from grey cloth warehousing process printing and dyeing production to finished product storage to delivery. Through remote operation, the user can realize one click order, process monitoring, financial reconciliation and other functions, Real time tracking from blank to finished product production; More importantly, upstream and downstream enterprises can speed up the data and information circulation through the platform, forming a complete industrial chain closed-loop.

At present, nearly 2000 enterprise users have settled in the platform. It is understood that since the smart platform was launched, the dyeing success rate of Shenghong printing and dyeing has increased by about 15% compared with the same period, the production efficiency has been increased by 15%, employment is reduced by 20%, energy consumption is reduced by 10%, and the supply cycle is shortened by 2 days on average.

Digital energy industry as the industry leader leads "Cluster Advantage" to accelerate upgrading
For most enterprises, the construction and Realization of digital empowerment is restricted by the comprehensive factors such as cost, technology and market cycle. It is an urgent problem for traditional textile printing and dyeing industry to promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries by industrial Internet construction, realize the coordination of the whole industry chain and build value ecological circle.

How to turn? How to change it?
Tang Junsong, general manager of Shenghong printing and dyeing, said that digital development is a big trend for traditional textile printing and dyeing industry. But in order to achieve the innovation of production and operation mode of the whole industry, we must consider innovation and empowerment from the whole industry chain level to the "chemical reaction" from "physical change".

Since the construction of Shenghong intelligent printing and dyeing industry internet platform was launched during the 13th Five Year Plan Period, the single project investment has reached nearly 80million yuan. According to the plan of 2-year construction period, by the end of 2021, it is expected to include more than 5000 enterprise users to enter the platform, greatly improving the competitive advantage of textile printing and dyeing industry cluster in Wujiang region and even Yangtze River Delta.

The reporter learned that Shenghong intelligent printing and dyeing industry internet platform is a comprehensive and highly integrated digital production management and supply chain cooperation platform, which promotes the information service docking on the supply side of the textile industry chain from the perspective of the whole life cycle, making the production process more standardized, greatly improving the product quality and reducing the comprehensive cost, The new mode is explored for the innovation of the management of the whole textile printing and dyeing industry.

Wujiang is a national and important textile city with high industrial concentration. The printing and dyeing output of woven fabrics in the whole area is about 9billion meters / year, and the matching proportion is about 1/3, which is the most famous area in China. The "symbiosis of digital" model of real economy and digital construction is considered to be the key link of manufacturing industry transformation and upgrading. In January, Suzhou and Wujiang District successively launched the "three-year action plan for digital economy and digital development", making clear deployment from industrial policies and development plans.

The real industrial transformation and upgrading is not the single fight of the subdivided industries, but the transformation and upgrading of the whole industry chain driven by specific industries. Digital economy can mesh all the links of the vertical industrial chain through a series of ways such as supply chain“ The transformation and upgrading of traditional industries such as digitalization + Internet plus intelligence + stimulation have stimulated the surging power towards high quality development.

As a leading enterprise in printing and dyeing industry, since 2010, Shenghong has taken the lead in launching the "digital printing and dyeing" system project in the industry, with an accumulated investment of more than 200 million yuan“ The investment and use of Shenghong intelligent printing and dyeing industry internet platform is a "qualitative change" of "digital printing and dyeing" from the internal expansion of enterprises to the whole industry ecology, which makes the industry realize real digital development and high-quality development with a new platform. According to the two-year construction period plan, by the end of 2021, it is expected to include more than 5000 enterprise users to enter the platform.

Centering on the national strategy of Yangtze River Delta integration and the opportunity of Wujiang Circular Economic Industrial Park construction, Shenghong Group continues to act as the leading leader in the "digital" transformation. Through the digital chain coordination, the advantages of all links and enterprises in the industrial chain can be enlarged, and the surrounding areas can be radiated step by step, providing new data-based technologies and new methods for small and medium-sized enterprises in the industry New services and new values accelerate the digital transformation of industrial clusters, and form a core new advantage to cope with market changes and enhance international industry competitiveness.

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