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To the high-end elements to promote the industry towards the high-end level, the provincial Party Secretary Li Qiang research Sheng Hong petrochemical
August 5th morning, the Jiangsu provincial Party Secretary Li Qiang in the Provincial Standing Committee, Secretary General Fan Jinlong, Lianyungang party secretary Yang Sheng and other provincial leaders, accompanied by research Sheng Hong petrochemical industrial park construction and development. Group Chairman, President Miu Hangen, vice president, Zheng Guodong, general manager of the petrochemical sector, such as the leadership of the company Li Qiang a line of enthusiasm, and report the situation of enterprises.
In Sierbang Petrochemical central control room, Miao Hangen to Li Qiang introduces Shenghong petrochemical industrial park projects in the planning, construction and operation. Miu Hangen said, "the national fusion The Belt and Road" development strategy for the docking depth, Jiangsu coastal development strategy in Lianyungang in 2010, Sheng Hong Xu Wei District, Hong Sheng Petrochemical Industrial Park construction. At present, the park has been built with an annual output of 150 million tons of PTA project and supporting cogeneration, liquid chemical terminal, liquid chemicals storage project, petrochemical Sierbang with an annual output of 3.6 million tons of alcohol Quito cogeneration project is part of the device has been built and put into production, plans at the end of this year to achieve full production. In order to seize the opportunity of national construction of Lianyungang petrochemical industry base group under the provincial Party committee and government support, uphold the "green, safe and innovation driven, social responsibility, for the benefit of employees," the idea of, actively participate in the construction of the refinery and petrochemical integration projects.
After listening to the details of the briefing, Li Qiang, Sheng Hong Petrochemical high standard, wide layout, fast speed of the construction and development of the appreciation of the situation. Li Qiang said, Sheng Hong Petrochemical Industrial Park is not only to Lianyungang's economic and social development is of great significance, but also in the overall coordinated development of Jiangsu, play an important role. Li Qiang hopes to actively participate in the "Shenghong petrochemical The Belt and Road construction, play advantage, port advantage, resource advantage, talent advantage, build a major carrier platform, agglomeration of major projects, and actively promote technological upgrading and technological innovation, expand the development space in the open room. Li Qiang pointed out that the coastal development should adhere to high standards and high threshold, through the introduction of high-end elements, high-end projects to promote the industry towards high-end level. Li Qiang encourage Shenghong petrochemical in accordance with international and domestic most advanced concept, the most stringent standards, building a world-class Petrochemical Industrial Park and said the provincial Party committee, the provincial government will also be in all respects to Sheng Hong petrochemical industrial park construction and development maintain a high degree of attention.
Thank you for the concern and support of the provincial government of the provincial government. He said, Li Qiang, Secretary of the line in the construction of the Hong Hong petrochemical, the key period of development to visit the guidance, inspired the confidence of enterprise development, and enhance the power of the enterprise forward. We will take to create a modern industrial park, the development of science and technology, environmental protection and green recycling Hongsheng petrochemical, "good complementary to a region, cross river fusion, a joint north south the, accelerate the development of Northern Jiangsu area, to improve the level of regional balanced development" contribute a strength.
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