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High fiber is expected to usher in the golden period of development
This year, the total profits China chemical fiber market is expected to increaseover the previous year, its operating quality will be improved, compared to the same period, annual output of chemical fiber Chinese will grow by about 6%.
Said from Chinese chemical fiber industry association, after 20 years of rapid development, has so far Chinese, chemical fiber industry has made goodachievements of the world's largest production scale, the most complete industrial chain. In recent years, chemical fiber industry in mainland China is still showing a trend of rapid development, chemical fiber production are high-speed growth.
The Chinese mainland in 2014, the national economy will maintain a steady growth momentum, China's textile industry is expected to maintain steady growth trend, this will no doubt on the Chinese mainland the chemical fiber market demand is strong support. Before June, China chemical fiber market demand has been gradually restored, chemical fiber production increased by nearly 8%,output growth by increasing. Over the same period, the mainland of Chinachemical fiber industry realized a total profit of an increase of nearly two into theindustry loss of 0.57 percentage points year-on-year decline, but the losses of loss making enterprises increased compared to the same period one into seven.
It is worth noting that caused the extensive development of structuralovercapacity, gap, some high-tech fiber and the developed countries product added value is also obvious problems is not high, and the brand of independent innovation and less during the development of the current China chemical fiberindustry.
China Chemical Fiber Industry Association relevant responsible person said,faced with the new situation, China chemical fiber industry and established the future development should be as the core to the innovation driven, which is not only technical innovation, product innovation at the same time, also includes theconsistent with the modern economy and development of science and technologymanagement way and means.
Industry experts believe that the traditional chemical fibre industry developed countries shrinking power chemical fiber industry technology progress is declining, the chemical fiber industry in mainland China will gradually assume theglobal burden of progress of science and technology of chemical fiber industry.The next 5 to 10 years will be the golden period of development of highperformance fiber, because the first is the application of mainland China industryfield is constantly expanding, the second is technology is in progress.
It is reported that China textile industry 1035 planning has officially begunpreliminary research, especially the special fiber and chemical fiber is expected tobecome one of the key 1035 planning.
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