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In 2019 the global polyester fiber market will total $110860000000
A report on the polyester market report market intelligence company Transparency Market Research released recently said, the global polyestermarket sales will grow from $62460000000 in 2012 to $110860000000 in 2019, a compound average annual growth from 2013 to 2019, the rate was 8.6%.
From the quantitative perspective, in 2012 the global demand of polyester fiber is 37850000 t. In view of the carpet industry occupies a leading position in domestic and commercial floor coverings, the construction boom is one of the main factors driving rising demand of polyester. Including manufacturing, daily necessitiesindustry, electronic industry, the hotel industry and the automotive industry, all walks of life will also stimulate the demand for polyester fiber of non manufacturing materials and products growing demand. In addition, with the development of technology, the mattress demand growth will drive the growth ofhollow fiber demand, but Europe and North America and other developed areas of the market saturation will affect the overall market growth. At the same time,the key factor of polyester processing, use and discard the restrictions also have a negative impact on the market demand.
The polyester market, solid fibre is the largest product category, accounting for more than demand in 2012 80%. As can be widely used in manufacturing industryand the automotive industry as well as navigation, aerospace, clothing and health care industries, this kind of fiber demand growth will be the fastest. Althoughhollow fiber accounted for a smaller share of the market, but the non manufacturing industry, especially the medical supplies industry demand for such fibers growing day by day, has become a new growth point.
Fiber filling materials possess high share in the market in 2012, followed by thenon-woven fabric and carpet. However, because the carpet dealers are increasingly used to processing of polyester carpet, carpet market for polyesterdemand is expected to maximum growth is expected to average annual growth of 2013 - 2019 composite demand rate is up to 6%. As the market demand growth on the thermal insulation material, fiber filling materials will become a demand growth the fastest second product categories.
In 2012, the Asia Pacific region is the largest market for polyester fiber, and in the next 6 years is expected to continue to maintain this situation. Increasingly rapidindustrialization and urbanization and disposable income of consumers in the next 6 years is the main driving force to promote the growth of the market. It is expected that in 2019 Asia Pacific market share will exceed 85%. In addition, over the past few years, the BRIC countries continued growth of GDP polyester market growth is expected to open up new channels of.
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