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The development of China's textile industry trend to accelerate industrial upgrading and transformation

Development trend of textile industry the inevitable future is to accelerate industrial upgrading and transformation, improve the ability of independent innovation. The future trend of development of the textile industry is to speed up the optimization of the industrial structure, focus on a new textile material and the textile industryinvestment opportunities.

The current situation is the textile industry export gradually restored,domestic and international cotton price margin. Continued to reboundthis year overseas economic, to pull on the export trade. China's textile and clothing exports mainly concentrated in the United States,the European Union and japan. The U.S. economy has beenrecovering, consumer confidence index rebounded; the European economy also improved; Japan's economic future is expected to more stable. In general, we judge the second half of this year a modest recovery in overseas demand to the probability of a larger, but annualyear-on-year growth rate may fall slightly. At the beginning of 2014international cotton prices by 4000 yuan / ton, the current has dropped to 2000 yuan / tons, is expected in the second half withthrowing storage and the advent of direct subsidy policy landing,mianjia difference inside and outside is expected to continue to fall.

Textile and garment industry is facing a favourable policy environmentand technical environment. "Planning" textile industry restructuring and revitalization and put forward the new request to the development of the industry, bring new opportunities. "Planning" proposed "directed the Twelfth Five Year Plan" period of China's textiles industry development. One is the total growth target. "Planning"proposed that by 2015, the total industrial use textile fiber processingup to 12900000 tons, with an average annual growth rate of 9.5%,industrial added value growth 12%, two growth were higher than theaverage growth level of textile industry, improve the industrial textilefiber processing volume percentage of fiber and textile industry total 5percentage points, to 25%. Two is the goal of technological innovation. Increase investment in research and development,improve the R & D organization construction is the foundation of innovation, to achieve a breakthrough in technology and high quality products is the purpose of innovation.

The textile on the industry point of view, the yarn industry exportgrowth, the domestic is still weak. Asia is still the most important I yarn export market, in the last year, continuous and steady growth of ourexports to ASEAN, China's yarn are to the South Asian country India,Bangladesh and Pakistan's export growth to varying degrees. The domestic industry as a whole continued to decline, the yarn market,the overall price decline.

We believe that the future development trend of industry must speed up the transformation of industrial upgrading and enhance the capability of independent innovation. The future trend of developmentof the textile industry is to speed up the optimization of the industrial structure, focus on a new textile material and the textile industryinvestment opportunities. Upgrading the traditional industry technology innovation ability, leading enterprises will benefit the futureof traditional textile industry is technical innovation, improve the added value of products.

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