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Chen Shujin visit Sheng Hong
In June 26th, Chinese Textile Industry Association survey group vice president Chen Shujin, President of the textile industry association Xie Ming and other relevant leaders came to Sheng Hong, for investigation. Group vice chairmanTang Jinkui, Group CEO Assistant Gu Donghua company leaders warmly received the Chen Shujin line.
At the forum, Tang Jinkui to the survey group group introduced the development situation in recent years, Cheng Hong Group: in recent years, Cheng Hong dyeing in to become the domestic printing and dyeing industry leading enterprises, actively carry out research and development of new products andprinting and dyeing green ecological development road: in chemical fiber plate,Sheng Hong technology adhering to the "a concept of fiber technology"innovation, always adhere to the technology led business development, product differentiation rate reached 85%.
Chen Shujin said, the current economic situation development difficult textile enterprises many, many small and medium enterprises be eliminated because ofdifficulties and development. Sheng Hong as a textile enterprises "pacesetter", torelying on scientific and technological innovation to seek a breakthrough in thepredicament, worthy of the industry peer learning. Chen Shujin pointed out that,enterprises have to constantly learn new nutrient, adhere to the road of independent innovation in the transformation and upgrading of the occasion, tofind a breakthrough development in current economic situation. Then, research group and his party visited Sheng Hong technology spinning two and new dyeing and printing fabric workshop. During the inspection, from time to time, Chen Shujin discussed the communication with other leaders, the Sheng Hongconsciousness of innovation and fully affirmed.
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