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Chemical fiber industry of our country to upgrade and improve the efficiency of the key period
        China fiber fashion trend release activities have been held two sessions, activities of the success, let fiber fashion trend release activities aroused widespread concern within the industry, the concept of fiber trends are gradually win support among the people.  
        At present, Chinese chemical comprehensively in the critical period of upgrading and enhancing the efficiency of chemical fiber technology, create new heights, reinforcing fiber brand construction, improve the brand contribution, is the route one must take the reconstruction of chemical fiber industry in the new competitive advantages, release fiber trend for chemical fiber industry development has brought new opportunities. Deputy director of the Ministry of information industry and consumer goods company Wang Wei said, on the one hand, the interview, the popular fiber release authorized by the customers, expand sales; on the other hand, the downstream users also get inspired, increase product development efforts, and constantly introduce new products. Application of a new type of fiber to improve the additional value of products have obvious effect, the enterprise also gets a tangible benefits.
        The brand building is not built in a day, but the chemical fiber enterprises have this activity is full of expectations. They waited patiently, waiting for the enterprise "in the professional platform Baotuan" brand effect more apparent, waiting for the superposition effect of technological innovation and brand fiber raw materials and end products created.  
        Professional platform trusted  
        Fiber trends released this platform has a good grasp of the market and industry trends, a high degree of concern, more opportunities, more enterprises can promote products through this platform, to establish a corporate image.  
       At present, the chemical fiber industry occupies an important position in the system of China's textile industry, especially the cotton in the difference at home and abroad by cotton textile industry, chemical fiber to fill the shortage of domestic cotton supplies to a large extent. However, China's chemical fiber industry in new product R & D and other chemical fiber manufacturing power there is still not a small gap. This gap exists in the ability and level of R & D, but also in the fiber branding and marketing of a new product of the degree of awareness and ability. And China fiber trends, it is the technical innovation, the brand construction as the connotation, leading the chemical fiber industry and even the entire textile industry brand, brand construction of fiber fiber, the brand product development.
        According to the president Chinese chemical fiber industry association Duan Xiaoping introduced, since the first, more and more enterprises participate in the fiber fashion trend release activity. What is the reason so many chemical fiber enterprises to participate actively in the fiber fashion trend release activities? Many enterprises have said, professional publicity platform, allowing them to the fiber branding activities very confident.
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