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Shenghong Holdings Group selected for the 2024 Fortune China ESG Impact List
On May 13, the 2024 Fortune China ESG Impact List was announced, and Shenghong Holdings Group made the list again. It is reported that this year's China ESG Impact List is the third time that Fortune (Chinese version) has compiled the list, and Shenghong has been selected for this important list for three consecutive years.

Since its establishment, the Fortune ESG Impact List has been committed to selecting companies that have outstanding performance in the ESG field to promote the sustainable development of Chinese enterprises. This year, the selection criteria for the list are stricter, covering multiple aspects such as environmental responsibility, social responsibility, and corporate governance, aiming to comprehensively evaluate the comprehensive performance of enterprises.
As an industry leader, Shenghong has been committed to promoting green, low-carbon, and circular development. In terms of environmental responsibility, Shenghong actively practices the concept of green development, building a green production system that reduces sources, controls processes, and recycles, exploring all-process carbon reduction. Currently, Shenghong has built the world's largest production base for photovoltaic-grade EVA and recycled fibers, forming breakthroughs in "green" technologies such as POE photovoltaic film materials, antimony-free fibers, and waste cloth recycling. In March 2023, Shenghong released the "Green Fiber Product Trustworthy Platform," building a transparent and trustworthy traceability platform from fibers to end products and establishing a domestic green textile industry standard system. Shenghong also takes the lead in proposing in the industry: from low-carbon and zero-carbon to negative carbon, comprehensively deepening green technology, innovatively creating a green negative carbon industry chain, and making positive contributions to promoting energy green and low-carbon transformation.
In terms of social responsibility, Shenghong has always regarded social responsibility as an important part of its corporate development. The company actively participates in public welfare undertakings to promote social harmony and development. In addition, Shenghong also attaches great importance to the growth and development of its employees, providing them with a good working environment and opportunities for career development.
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