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"Party building + talents", gathering strong momentum of enterprise innovation and development
In recent years, Jiangsu Shenghong group, guided by the brand of "Rainbow party building", has taken the education and service talents as its key respect, insisted on "party construction + talents", transformed the "two-way training" mechanism of Party members and talents in non-public enterprises into "promoters" of the party building work of enterprises, and constructed a distinctive road of the two-way integration of corporate culture and rainbow party building brand construction.

As the "leader of Wujiang non-public enterprises", Jiangsu Shenghong group regards talents as the first element of enterprise development. In recent years, relying on the brand of rainbow party building, the Party committee of Shenghong group has taken the education and service of talents as its focus, adhered to the principle of party management of talents, realized the double round drive of "party building + talents", and made efforts to cultivate and build an excellent party member team. In the work of "gathering talents in the world, cultivating and developing talents and using strong enterprise elites", the party has taken the party as the overall program, We will build four innovative talent projects of "fuel fire project", "green and blue project", "red craftsman", "double high" strong enterprise, cultivate good seedlings, core strength party members, Party members in special technical posts and elite party members. To the greatest extent, talents from all aspects will be attracted and united under the party's banner, and become a powerful driving force to promote the innovation and development of non-public economy.

Elegant and tolerant
Party building leads to condense the development momentum
The Party committee of Shenghong group holds the starting point of Party construction, summarizes and refines the party building brand, summarizes the main contents of Party building work with the image of "Rainbow party building", namely "red" pioneer leading, orange "warm staff," yellow "standard warning, green initiative and dedication, green color" motivating power, blue "strengthening science and technology, and" purple "to build harmony. The integration of enterprise culture and Party building culture into the development, management and service of enterprises has realized Harmonious Co Construction of Party building and enterprise development.

Relying on the brand of rainbow party building, the Party committee of Shenghong group promotes the building of "warm" enterprises, focuses on promoting the talent growth plan of Party building, training party members into excellent talents, cultivating excellent talents into Party members, cultivating excellent talents among party members as management backbone, and recommending the backbone of Party members as middle and high-level management personnel, To maximize the cohesion of excellent talents into the party.

In order to do a good job in developing party members and further optimize the structure of Party members, the Party committee has formulated "three seven working principles", namely "Three Focuses" and "Seven excellences"“ "Three Focuses" means to pay attention to the development of Party members among young, knowledgeable and hardworking workers, and "seven excellences" means to explore and absorb workers with outstanding performance in seven aspects to join the party organization.
The implementation of scientific talent development strategy, bold innovation, gathering, educating and using talents have set a benchmark for the party to manage talents in non-public enterprises.

A wise eye knows talent
"Firewood project" finds talents to join the party
The Party committee of Shenghong Group strives to improve the talent development mechanism, let go of the use of outstanding young talents, and provide a stage for them to innovate bravely and stand out.
Implement the "firewood project" with the goal of training young staff of college students. Through one-to-one pairing of Party members and new college students, we can cultivate good candidates to join the party. By recommending a book, a club, a guide and a friend, we can communicate and interact with young employees to understand the ideological trends, life needs and work situation of new college students. Party members become the link between the branch and the young staff. They give a lot of care in thought, work, life and other aspects, to enhance the sense of belonging of the enterprise, and enhance their abilities.

Training the staff who have outstanding performance in thought, study and work to be activists of joining the party. The Party committee of Shenghong group organized and carried out the youth friendship activities of "love Shenghong, fate is you", dandelion public welfare science popularization activities, and wonderful "Rainbow second generation" activities. In the implementation of the talent training strategy with talent growth line as the core, the Party committee actively organized post training, selected operation skills, and praised the top scientific and technological soldiers, paving the way for the growth and development of young employees.

Good prescription gathers talents
"Blue Project" to cultivate the backbone of Party members
"Blue Project" is an important part of Shenghong's "Rainbow party building". Through the "Blue Project", the Party committee focuses on training excellent grass-roots front-line employees under the age of 35, pioneers of Party members and "double high" (highly educated and highly titled) talents, and carries out training in weaving, printing and dyeing, petrochemical, finance, accounting, party history, reform and opening up, party spirit cultivation and team ability improvement, so as to make the employees fully master professional knowledge, post skills, professional skills, professional skills, professional skills, professional skills, professional skills, professional skills, and so on Through the training, the upsurge of "striving for excellence" and "training" in technology has been raised continuously, and the production backbone of the enterprise has been cultivated; A group of Party members with excellent political quality, outstanding work performance and high prestige of the masses are selected as the reserve force of cadres, so as to encourage them to become talents in the high-quality development of enterprises. At the same time, influence and drive the surrounding staff, form a good atmosphere of "comparison, learning, catching up and Surpassing", and create a positive corporate culture of respecting talents.

Sincere love for talent
"Red craftsman" cultivates party members in technical posts
The Party committee of Shenghong group plays a leading role in the political work of the party organizations in non-public enterprises, takes the promotion of the spirit of model workers and craftsmen as the carrier, and cultivates a group of "red craftsmen" with excellent political and professional skills by setting up vanguard demonstration posts for Party members, establishing demonstration projects for Party members, and defining the responsibility area for Party members, We should give full play to the vanguard and exemplary role of Party members, and guide the front-line workers to "do what they do, love what they do, do what they do, drill what they do, and become what they do.".

Set up vanguard posts for Party members to keep up with the benchmark. All Party branches under the Party committee have deeply explored the deeds of advanced grassroots party members. They first assess and evaluate outstanding Party members from four major aspects of Party members' organization and discipline, their own image, work quality and rewards and punishments, and then set up vanguard posts for Party members, so as to fully show the leading role of Party members in production and technology.

Divide the responsibility area of Party members and build a battle fortress. The Party committee of Shenghong group requires party members and cadres at or above the level in charge to carry out party construction well while completing their own production management tasks. While leading the departments or workshops under their jurisdiction to complete their own production tasks with quality and quantity guaranteed, we should ensure the "four don't occur" (no safety accidents, team disputes, quality problems and management omissions) and "three safety" (personal production safety, team production safety and responsibility area production safety) in their respective areas. Regularly carry out self-examination and reporting activities, and report the work situation of the responsible area to the branch in the Party member activities of each month. We should divide the responsibility areas of Party members, give full play to the party members and cadres' courage to take on responsibilities, and unswervingly implement the obligation of one post and two posts, so as to create a good atmosphere in which everyone strives to be an example and become advanced.

Establish Party member demonstration projects and guide the development direction. Led by the technicians and engineers of each post, they overcome difficulties in their own proprietary fields, turn good ideas into good projects to improve the production efficiency of the enterprise, and list the projects with outstanding achievements as demonstration projects, guiding the direction of progress for the majority of employees in their daily work and future development. According to the strengths and advantages of Party members and employees, the company reasonably determines the positions of employees, so that party members take the lead at critical moments, Party members guard key positions, and Party members tackle key technologies, so that party members become the key force for the development of the company.

Bold use of talent
Making good use of elite party members
The Party committee of Shenghong group pays attention to the principle of "two priorities" in the work of developing and expanding the ranks of Party members, that is, to attract talents from abroad, to select and employ Party members first, and to give priority to the development of "double high" talents with high academic qualifications and high professional titles as Party members internally, so as to build a "double high" strong enterprise project.

Actively invite "double high" employees to speak "red forum" to teach young employees the experience of growth, talent and success“ The classroom is built in the workshop "skill teaching method, so that high skilled talents can effectively teach the practical application ability and operation technology level on site, and provide" zero distance "training conditions for the growth of young employees.

The Party committee of Shenghong group constantly pays attention to the life, work and ideological trends of "double high" talents, guides them to understand the history of the country and the party, learn the knowledge of the party, learn the advanced deeds of outstanding Party members around them, guides and encourages them to actively participate in and organize the implementation of Party building activities, so as to make them feel the trust, warmth and vitality of the party organization.

In the process of applying for scientific research projects, scientific research funds and interpreting supporting policies, the Party committee of Shenghong Group actively cooperates, energetically enhances effective communication with government departments, coordinates various work, and tries its best to solve the problems of scientific research of "double high" talents.
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