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Completing 15 amendments to international standards in five years Shenghong becomes a "Chinese power" on the stage of global standardization
From November 2 to 4, Xinhua news agency, Suzhou daily, gravitation broadcast, intersection and other media focused on the theme of "Shenghong group: completing 15 amendments to international standards in five years", focusing on and reporting that Shenghong group adheres to independent R & D and innovation leading, relying on its excellent enterprise strength and product quality, and has represented the "sonorous voice" of Chinese textile enterprises on the international standardization stage, becoming the "Chinese power" in the global standardization construction.
Recently, the 22nd ISO / tc38 International Textile Standards conference was held in Treviso, Italy. As a member of the Chinese delegation and tan international standardization secretariat unit for printing and dyeing, Shenghong Group discussed the new development of the global textile industry with representatives from 24 official member states, 17 observing member states, as well as top international experts and outstanding companies.Shenghong Group presented the 2018-2019 annual work report on behalf of the Secretariat of the ISO Organization for Standardization/TC38 Textile Technical Committee/SC1 Colored Textiles and Dyestuff Testing Technology (ISO/TC38/SC1) Committee. As the secretary of the ISO/TC38/SC1 committee, Zhao Xueqian, director of the Standardization Institute of the Printing and Dyeing R&D Center of Shenghong Group Co., Ltd., participated in the discussion of various topics throughout the process.

ISO / tc38 / SC1 meets the first Chinese President Sheng Hong becomes an "important promoter"

Different from previous conferences, this conference ushered in the first Chinese chairman of ISO / tc38 / SC1 Committee, Professor Guan Jinping of Soochow University. This is the first plenary meeting since she took office, and all Member States are full of expectations for this new president from China. During the meeting, Guan Jinping lived up to expectations and won unanimous praise and recognition from representatives of Member States for his senior research in professional fields and in-depth understanding of the industry. The successful election of Guan Jinping not only provides a more convenient communication channel for China and the international community to further carry out standard technology exchange and cooperation in the field of textiles, but also lays a solid foundation for Chinese enterprises to play a greater role in ISO international standardization.

However, Professor Guan's successful election as chairman of ISO / tc38 / SC1 committee is not easy, which is full of "mutual competition and wrestling" among Member States. According to the election rules, all Member States are qualified to recommend candidates. If a candidate wants to be elected successfully, he must be elected by the member countries, and then submitted to the ISO / tc38 International Textile Standards conference for discussion and voting. In this process, it is not only the strength competition between candidates, but also the "excellent" competition among Member States and enterprises.

As a secretariat unit, Shenghong group is "duty bound" to recommend the chairman candidate. In the early stage, Shenghong Group actively communicated with all parties. On the one hand, it contacted Soochow University (the key unit of school enterprise cooperation), and immediately recommended the candidates to BSI, the cooperation unit of the Secretariat; At the same time, it repeatedly communicated with the National Standardization Management Committee and tc38's domestic counterparts to reserve the quota; As the Secretary of ISO / tc38 Standard Committee, Zhao Xueqian thoroughly understood the rules of standard formulation, combined with the experience of the Secretariat unit rotation, gave Guan Jinping one-to-one guidance and communication, to ensure that he passed the interview of the National Standard Committee. In every link, Shenghong always goes ahead and strives for it. With full preparation and accurate response, Professor Guan Jinping finally won this hard won international recognition with an absolute advantage of 23 votes for and 1 vote against, opening a new door for Chinese enterprises to participate in international standardization work and better grasp the global voice of the industry.

Speaking about the change from Professor status to Chairman status of international organizations, Guan Jinping told reporters: "Shenghong group has made a lot of preparations in the early stage to take the post of chairman. As an academic in the textile industry, I have always been concerned about the development of Chinese enterprises. Chinese enterprises represented by Shenghong have the strength to compete with global enterprises, Shenghong has played a very important role in the world stage of textile industry standardization construction

The unit of the Secretariat becomes "fragrant cake"
"Card position" all depends on excellent strength
Behind the standardization work, it represents how to distribute the interests among international enterprises. Facing the current complex global economic situation, the position of the Secretariat of the International Committee for standardization of printing and dyeing has already become a "fragrant cake" in the international competition.

As early as 2010, China's relevant departments negotiated with the international organization for Standardization (ISO) and its member countries for many times, and finally signed the accession agreement, which agreed to work with the United Kingdom as the Secretariat unit of international standardization of printing and dyeing in a three-year rotation. Based on the international market, Shenghong group took the lead in the "card bit" and participated in the ISO / tc38 Conference for the first time as an enterprise representative in 2011. After that, Shenghong went through a three-year inspection by the international organization for standardization of printing and dyeing, and even almost missed the work of the Secretariat.

It turns out that in 2011, when a batch of Chinese made garments were exported to Europe, there was a quality problem of color migration, which was stopped by overseas customs. As a fabric supplier, Shenghong has become the primary "object of complaint" of European buyers, which has also attracted the attention of the international organization for standardization. If it is verified that it is a fabric problem, Shenghong's participation qualification will be cancelled. When this happens, it is not easy to "prove the innocence" abroad. However, Shenghong "does not believe in evil and does not shrink back". With a high degree of confidence in the quality of its products, Shenghong actively contacted the British rotating Secretariat, fully prepared various supporting materials, repeatedly communicated with the British side to assist in the investigation. More than two months later, the results of the survey relieved everyone. It turned out that the color migration of these clothes occurred at the front of the door, which was caused by the color fading of the zipper and had nothing to do with the fabric. Sheng Hong rectified her name at one stroke and won the "transnational" turnaround battle!

At the beginning of 2013, Shenghong group finally became the rotating unit of ISO / tc38 Secretariat.

However, back in the summer of 2018, Sino US trade friction is beginning to heat up. At this time, Shenghong group, as a rotating unit of the Secretariat, is facing a new crisis again. The international organization for Standardization (ISO) issued an ultimatum to three Chinese organizations including Shenghong group on the ground that the accession agreement did not comply with twinner policy: it requested to withdraw from the corresponding Committee organizations within the specified time. After many international games, Sheng Hong is full of determination. In the face of the pressure of "withdrawing from the meeting", Sheng Hong still did not flinch. While keeping pace with the Chinese government, Sheng Hong actively responded, seriously studied the policies and legal provisions of international organizations, analyzed the contents of the "ultimatum" one by one, and made full use of the "international provisions, policies and regulations" to refute the "international ultimatum" one by one, In the end, Shenghong completely reversed the situation, maintained the status of Chinese enterprises in the international standards organization, and maintained the national dignity and corporate image.

Completing 15 amendments to international standards in five years
Sheng Hong hand over "high score answer paper" to the world

Since 2013, since China and the UK became the rotating Secretary of the committee, Shenghong group has been paying its best and has been very eye-catching. During the period of duty, Sheng Hong not only invested a lot of human and financial support committees, but also played an important role in the development of standard issues, draft collection, coordination and communication of Representatives' opinions.

According to statistics, since Sheng Hong took over the Secretariat, 15 different ISO international standards, such as grey card for staining rating, light fastness, nitrogen oxide color fastness and friction resistance color fastness, have been revised.

In addition, Shenghong group also led the development of an international standard project, the test method for boiling water shrinkage of textile chemical fiber filament. The standard specifies the experimental scheme of boiling water shrinkage of deformed and non deformed chemical fiber, which is the first international standard in China's chemical fiber industry. It has achieved the breakthrough of leading domestic chemical fiber enterprises in the preparation and revision of international standard zero, and has submitted a satisfactory answer to the international standardization organization.

"As a rotating Secretariat unit, international organizations were not optimistic at the beginning. Shenghong group was not afraid of questioning, strictly abided by relevant international treaties, relied on the influence of enterprises in the industry, and won the right to speak for Chinese enterprises in the international standards of textile industry." Zhao Xueqian, director of Standardization Institute of printing and dyeing R & D center of Shenghong Group Co., Ltd., said: "by participating in international standardization work, on the one hand, we can contact excellent printing and dyeing enterprises in various countries around the world, master the latest technology and management experience of various printing and dyeing related industries, and drive the overall development of enterprises and industries. On the other hand, we should extensively collect the standard technical barriers in international trade, seek for gaps and breakthroughs, organize technical forces in the industry, establish international standards led by China, and strive for the maximization of the interests of the state and enterprises in the global industrial competition. "

Standardization has become an important field for Chinese enterprises to fight for international discourse. Shenghong group adheres to independent R & D and innovation leading. With excellent enterprise strength and product quality, Shenghong group has opened the door of international standardization organization and issued the "sonorous voice" of China's textile industry on the international standardization stage. At present, Shenghong is making use of the advantages of the rotating Secretariat unit to actively transfer relevant standards and rules to the domestic textile industry, and has become a hot topic in the field of international standardization“

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