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President Gesang Ciugene visited the Tibet Linzhou County CPPCC Shenghong group
The morning of December 23rd, chairman of the Tibet Linzhou County CPPCC Gesang Ciugene, chairman of the CPPCC Wujiang District money line to come visit Shenghong group. Tang Jinkui, vice chairman of the group, assistant president of the warm reception of the first line of the line of the president, Mr. Gu Donghua.
During the visit, Gesang Ciugene and his party visited the field of Sheng Hong technology false twist two production workshop, a detailed understanding of enterprise products and production processes. Production total help Liu Shuhua through the introduction of production equipment and products, to show the enterprise in recent years to promote the production of intelligent and product differentiation strategy implementation. Enterprise workers guide innovative production technology and production process, increase the performance of new products based on the guarantee of product quality, enterprises will meet the market demand for change from the function to create market demand, realize the sustainable development of enterprises. Gesang Ciugene to enterprise advanced production equipment show strong interest, from time to time stop to watch and discuss with the introduction personnel. Finally, Gesang Ciugene and his party also visited the enterprise automation packaging site.

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