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Jiangsu Provincial Federation of trade unions chairman Xing Chunning research Sheng Hong Group
December 14th afternoon, Xing Chunning, chairman of the Federation of trade unions of Jiangsu Province, Suzhou Municipal Committee Organization minister and his party to visit the rainbow group, research group. Tang Jinkui, vice chairman of the group, deputy party secretary, trade union chairman and other leaders warmly received the first line of the line of Xing Chunning and other leaders of the Chinese Communist Party of China, such as chairman of the board of directors of the Communist Party of China, such as the enthusiasm of the.
Xing Chunning and his party visited the rainbow group service center and workers home, listened carefully to the work of trade unions. Since 2016, the group in the union, the company has carried out a number of activities to attract the majority of workers, vocational work actively participate, which held nine sessions of the Cara OK contest, held fifteen sessions in a row of Fire Games and other activities to become the enterprise brand activities. In order to attract more workers to participate in the activities of workers to meet the workers of different hobbies, the group established a union hiking agency, agency manual more than ten staff associations, each association of independent activities, the formation of a good cultural atmosphere in the enterprise. In the workers' home, Xing Chunning also visited the enterprise library reading room, film and television hall, makeup room, clothing room, dance room and other staff positions, and in-depth understanding of staff learning, life and so on. Tang Jinkui said that workers will always be Sheng rainbow's most valuable asset, the enterprise will always do a good job of workers in the enterprise development in an important position. After the investigation, Xing Chunning of Shenghong group for a long time to carry out the work of trade unions and staff activities affirmed, she said, the Provincial Federation of trade unions and trade unions at all levels of local trade unions will intensify support, also hope the next trade union can actively fulfill their duties, safeguard the interests of workers, service for workers, create a platform for the development of and the larger development space for employees, enterprises and workers make common development.

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